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Old or New? Can't decide? How about both?

Have you ever seen a picture and though how great it would look in a large, ornate, sculpted frame? And then thought how large, ornate, sculpted frames are usually in antique tones of gold, silver, bronze or ivory? And then how that large, ornate, sculpted frame in antique tones of gold, silver, bronze or ivory just won't work in your living room?

We have the answer!

We have been able to source beautifully hand finished custom sized swept frames in traditional colours for many years, but our supplier has now released the same collection of ornate frames in a range of vivid colours.

Sure, these aren't going to work on original pre-Raphaelite portraits or impressionist landscapes, but they would give a magnificent tongue-in-cheek twist to modern reproductions, plus having some significant impact on graffiti or street art style prints and posters.

We can't wait to give them a try!


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