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Unfinished is the new Finished

Trends come and go, in all aspects of life from clothing and music to cars and, of course, interior design. Clearly, some trends always have and always will stand the test of time – Mercedes have been making 2 seat sports cars for over 100 years and I can’t see that ending any time soon.

It’s a little different with fashion and interior design, and strangely the two are closely linked. The patterned fabrics of the 60s migrated from the catwalk to the armchair with many fashion designers and textile designers working side by side in their studios. The bright colours of the 70s made it into many homes and were then subdued by the tones of choice in the 90s.

The current interior design trend is clear to see – never has grey been so popular as demonstrated by the high sales of colours such as Farrow & Balls ‘Down Pipe’ and ‘Elephants Breath’. But what is next? There seems to be a bit of a split in predictions for the next trends in colours and style. We’ve seen reports suggesting that the fashion industry will see a lot of colour coming back on trend in the near future, but will that be the same for interiors? Maybe not.

From what we’ve seen, it’s apparent that the ‘unfinished’ look is to become increasingly popular in modern interiors. Now, this doesn’t just mean your builders can pack up half way through the job, but high quality finishes in rich and textured materials may well play a role in adding interest to a room where feature walls once were.

Fortunately, we are ready! We have recently introduced a number of new ranges to our frame moulding selection that embrace this shift to the unfinished look. We have mouldings that look like painted scaffolding boards, mouldings that look like stone or concrete, plenty of options if you like the rusty look, and a brand new range that looks like rough plaster.

But just in case, we also hold onto our ever-popular colourful Confetti range and will soon be receiving a new range of pastel coloured mouldings in 15 different colours. Whichever way you decide to go, we’ll have something to suit.

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