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Who controls the trends?

The picture shows the cartridges of special wedges I use to join the corners of my frames. 10 years ago, I would use more of the 7mm wedges (in the pink cartridge) than any other size. Now, I use more of the 15mm wedges (in the white cartridge).

Otters Pool Studio

The size of the wedge used relates to the size of the frame and I have only recently realised how this has changed over the years, with larger frames now being more prevalent than the smaller frames. It made me wonder who is controlling this change?

Is it because of consumer demand – my customers are asking me for larger more outstanding frames? Or is it because that’s what I am offering them, steering them towards larger frames? Or am I steering them towards that larger frames because that is what my suppliers are offering me? So why are the frame manufacturers making larger frames? Is it to respond to consumer demand?

It’s a vicious circle and I’m not really sure it has a beginning and an end. The manufacturers respond to consumer demand by making larger frames, that are then released to me and I offer them to the consumer, who buy more of the larger size so the manufacturer makes more, passes them to me and I offer them to the consumer, and so on and so on.

This can be seen in other industries too. Car manufacturers with the SUV trend, popular music makers with the rap trend, electrical appliances with the ‘connected’ trend, fashion, housing, etc.

So who is in control? I guess nobody really, we are all on a roundabout not knowing when to jump on or off, but are carried along for the ride. I just need a bigger roundabout, to accommodate all of these larger mouldings!

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