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Farewell old friend

Today we gave back the keys to our old workshop in College Road. This building has been a home to Otters Pool Studio for around 40 years, with the last ten of these having us at the helm and it has looked after us admirably.

It's taken several weeks of hard graft and the assistance of some incredible friends and family who have helped us to completely empty the building, including all of the furniture, workbenches and 40 years of accumulated paraphernalia, and I'd like that thank them all sincerely.

Otters Pool Studio

I was wondering if we were going to be a little emotional today, walking out of the big blue door for the last time, but to be honest, the excitement of our new regime negated any tears. We've been fully operational from our new workshop and offering our appointment-based mobile service for several weeks now, and its working fantastically well.

So, the future starts tomorrow - by appointment only!

Otters Pool Studio

Photo: Mandy Millyard Photography

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