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New Year, New Direction

Otters Pool Studio has been around since 1972, most of which located in the studio in College Road Guildford. An awful lot has changed in that time, but not more so than in the last couple of years.

Everyone seems to be getting more stress-rich and time-poor, and with Guildford's straining infrastructure, enthusiastic parking attendants, and increasingly generic shopping experience, the task of popping into town to visit your local bespoke picture framer is becoming more and more of a chore.

Combine this with one of the highest level of business rates and rents in the country and it has become necessary to take our business in a new direction to ensure we can continue to serve our customers the way we want to.

From today, we will offer a mobile picture framing service, where we will go to our customers at a time and place convenient for them. We will also be moving our workshop out of the town to the Mayford Centre, just a few miles down the road towards Woking.

Whilst we are very sad to be moving out of the studio that has been our home for decades, we are very excited by this change and consider it a positive step towards securing the continuity of our service.

We look forward to seeing you soon - wherever that may be.

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