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Framing Sports Shirts

Regardless of which sport or team, a framed shirt makes for a spectacular centrepiece, expecially if signed by the players or dedicated to you.

We have framed just about every size, shape and colour of sports shirt, and can provide complimentary mounting and framing to set off the team colours. 

Shirt Framing Methods

Sports shirts are three-dimensional items of clothing and not designed to be presented flat, so framing them is a tricky process.  There are many ways to cut corners and make the process easier, but we prefer to take our time to make the end result worth the effort.  As such, we do not use any glues, sticky tapes or staples to hold the shirt in place.  All of our shirts are hand stitched over an acid-free board before being stiched into the frame.  This will ensure your shirt will not slip, sag or become detatched over time when adhesives would dry out. 

Shirt Reframing

This is a white shirt on a white background which gets completely lost.  Only the dark blue collar and sleeves offer any contrast.  It is framed in a black frame with gold beading. The sleeves stick out at the sides adding a lot of width to the frame and increasing the amount of white backing visible.

We found the shirt had been stuck in with double-sided tape and was pressed against the glass.


We removed all of the tape, stitched over a shaped former with the sleeves tucked away to make the frame more compact, and presented it with a complimentary white and dark blue double mount and dark blue box frame.



This shirt came to use for reframing after the owner won it in an auction and did not like the framing.

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