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Our Prices

Any bespoke product is going to be more expensive than an off-the-shelf equivalent, from suits to kitchens, and of course, framing.   Every frame that we make is completely individual, so the price is dependent on the choice of frame moulding, choice of mount, choice of glass, and a host of other potential options. 


However, if you have a budget that you really want to stick to, then we will do our best to find options to keep the cost on track.  This doesn't mean we can knock out frames at Ikea prices - because we can't.  We don't do price-matching, or 3-for-2, or end of season sales, we just offer the best price we can for the materials, craftsmanship and service we provide. 

Consultations are free and with no obligation.  Book an appointment and come along to see what we can do for you. If you've chosen an ornate gold Italian frame, triple mounts and low-reflection glass then you will expect to pay a premium for the premium products.  But if you want a plain black wood with a small single mount and standard glass, you may be surprised by what good value you can achieve without buying off-the-shelf, and of course benefit from all of the other advantages (read article here) when choosing the bespoke route.

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